Group culture
Company business philosophy: in line with the "water far sincerity for the bank, mountain high virtue for the top".

The company culture idea: take the sincerity as the forerunner, take the pragmatism as the foundation, take the innovation as the means, take the service as the guarantee, create the high quality product, provide the excellent service.

True sincerity: morality is the first requirement for all employees to treat colleagues and customers sincerely, be honest and honest.

Practical: all employees are required to do their own work seriously and seriously.

Innovation: take scientific and technological innovation as the guide to pursue excellence; With first-class technology, advanced equipment and efficient management, we are constantly pushing high-quality and distinctive products to the market.

Service: to establish a market demand-oriented, customer satisfaction as its own responsibility, constantly improve service awareness, cast "brand + service" unique image of "China magnesium holdings" company.